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Lawn Treatments

At Luxe Lawns, we’re dedicated to perfecting your lawn with a suite of specialised treatments. Our nutrient-rich Lawn Fertiliser promotes robust growth and vibrant colour. Tackle unwanted invaders with our effective Weed Control and halt moss in its tracks with our Moss Control solutions. Our Lawn Aeration service ensures your turf breathes and absorbs nutrients efficiently, while Lawn Scarification removes thatch and encourages healthy growth. Finally, our Overseeding technique thickens your lawn, filling in gaps for a lush, green carpet. Trust us to provide the ultimate care for your lawn.


professional fertiliser

DIY lawn fertilisers offer a quick green-up but can cause damage if improperly used. Professional products provide a safer, slow-release nutrition, ensuring lasting lawn health and reducing the risk of issues.

weed & moss control

Weeds and moss can overtake and harm grass growth, diminishing a lawn’s appearance. Regular treatment and renovation are crucial for maintaining the desired lushness and preventing weed and moss dominance.



Lawn Aeration enhances your lawn’s health by increasing air space, promoting robust root systems, and ensuring optimal nutrient uptake. It mitigates compaction, disease, moss growth, and improves drainage.



Regular scarification is essential to manage thatch, the build-up of dead organic matter. If thatch exceeds half an inch, it harms lawn health. Proper fertilisation and aeration can prevent excessive thatch accumulation.



Grass plants may perish from close mowing, overuse, drought, waterlogging, or pests. Aging lawns, especially Fescue-dominant, often suffer from diseases. Overseeding with resilient Ryegrass mixtures can enhance durability.


Full Service Plan

Introducing our Full Service Care Plan, designed to encompass all aspects of lawn maintenance and health throughout the year. This comprehensive package includes five meticulously tailored treatments, ensuring your lawn remains vibrant, resilient, and full of life in every season. From the initial spring nutrient boost to the winter preparation, each step of our Full Service Care Plan is crafted to provide your lawn with the optimal balance of nourishment and protection it needs to thrive.



"Our garden was overrun with moss, but the aeration and scarification services from Luxe Lawns have brought it back to life. Incredible results!" — Owen Thomas, Flintshire.

"The expertise from Luxe Lawns has transformed our outdoor space. Their attention to detail with scarification and moss control is unmatched." — Sophie and Nathan Hughes, Hawarden.

"Luxe Lawn's comprehensive lawn treatments have saved our lawn. From weed nightmares to a dream lawn, we're extremely satisfied customers!" — James Foster, Buckley.

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At Luxe Lawns, we offer bespoke, premium lawn services tailored to the unique needs of your garden. Our local experts use eco-friendly methods to bring unparalleled beauty to your outdoor space.

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